Your Wildest Dreams

Once there was a little girl who:

  • wanted nothing more than to be a happy and famous film star
  • wanted to make her daddy so proud of her that she never had to worry about disappointing him (when she was imperfect)
  • wished that she could figure out a way to make her mother happy because she could see how sad she really was underneath her flamboyant demeanor (hmm sounds a bit familiar)
  • put her all into everything because she was brought up to believe she could be anything she dreamed of being, and was fully capable of being the best at everything she decided to be the best at
  • started to realize she was different than her friends because people didn’t seem to really understand her inner world; they only saw the outer perfection
  • started to see her success as a curse because the more she achieved, the more negative attention, judgment, bullying, threats, abuse, and isolation she experienced
  • wished on every shooting star that she would grow up to be happy, healthy, and still achieve all her wildest dreams without having to feel any more pain or loss or hurt ever again

Life may not be a fairy tale, but it is so full of possibility and splendor when we learn how to take agency in our lives and live with intention. Stop hiding, stop pretending, stop trying.

—Let yourself fail

—Let yourself cry

—Let yourself let go

Have you ever stopped and taken a look back at that little girl or boy you used to be and asked them, “Is there anything you still need?”

Because you can make it happen! All you have to do is be honest with yourself and do what makes you happy. Not what other people expect. Happiness isn’t perfection or success, it’s connection to your personal truth.

This life is about your journey, and when you’re on the right and healthy path for YOU, good things happen. Take heed of the signs, and know that all the hurdles and discomforts and agony along the way were put there to bring you to this current juncture.

Because it’s a choice. Choose to be happy. Choose to give yourself what YOU need, every chance you get.

The right people will linger. Some will return pleasantly realigned, some depart. Don’t focus on the losses.

Keep going, you’re doing great! Just remember what your wildest dreams were made of. . .


Sometimes less is more. Sometimes when we are surrounded by emotional and mental clutter, psychological and spiritual clutter — human clutter — we suffocate our own sense of self.

Strip away all of the unnecessary distractions and get down to the essential pieces of you. Clear space for your breath and your freedom to exist at your most basic level. Bask in your birthright!

You don’t have to know who you are, simply who you want to be. If you don’t know what that looks like, create more silence with less clutter and just BE (alone) with yourself. Focus on what you FEEL rather than what you think. Observe your experience of everything without interpretation. Just notice how you interact with existence.

What do you feel? Then, what do you want to feel? Feel that. Evoke what you desire from the inside out. Every moment matters. It’s never too late to create your preferred self.

©️2016 DR. BABE

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Today started with some heavy training on gender violence prevention — to be honest I got pretty agitated. Not because the content was new or sensitive or any of the disclosures were triggering, but because I didn’t feel heard or understood.

When I get like that it’s important for me to take a break, go for a walk, grab something to drink or eat, feel the sunshine on my face, and remember that even if I’m assessing the situation accurately, it doesn’t really matter if they understand me or hear me or validate me or reject me.

What matters is my own knowing about my core beliefs and experiences and the faith I have in my convictions based on the lessons and knowledge I’ve learned along the way.

It’s not necessary to get others to agree with you, what’s important is to stay open while you finesse your growth through leveraging all conflict as opportunities.

Hone your ability to be resilient and self regulating in all friction. Don’t fray. Your power lies in self regulation once you determine it’s not useful to push. Instead, know when to retreat. Know when less is more.

Remind yourself: change doesn’t have to happen all at once, but in increments.

Often it is the most meaningful change that gradually emerges layer by layer; as I witness my own growth in balancing intensity with gentleness.

With this in mind I ended my day determined to absorb the sunset, welcomed the full moonrise, enjoyed a relaxing meditation bath, and put myself to bed early.

Tomorrow will be another chance to add a layer!